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Our owner, Jason M. Kaplan, Esq. researched every credit law.  He sought out the nation’s best FICO experts.  He developed advanced methods and strategies to attack erroneous credit damage.  And after 10 years of development, refinement, and success… he brings this service to you.
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What We DO


We have a commitment to Credit Repair Service Excellence that is above our competitors.

That is why we have an A+ Rating with the BBB.

Help force the deletion of erroneous credit damage
Our team of legal and financial experts will help you in every step of credit repairs. One major aspect of our consulting service is the deletion of erroneous credit damaging elements. More than often, we come across simple documentation mistakes that our clients make over time, unwillingly of course, and they are so simple that even experts easily overlook them.

We, contrary to those experts, have handled these and similar errors hundreds of times, so we always know what we are looking for in your documents for a quick credit help.

Mostly, only the numbers on your sheets do not matter or the entries in your documents, we have to go beyond that and communicate with government authorities and departments to get your records straight. The good news is that we are prepared to do that on your behalf. We have a legal team that takes your case up, rolls its sleeves and gets on it to ensure all records are set straight without wasting much time.

Deletion of erroneous records is vital to fix credit score because these errors keep digging up those holes that we try so hard to fill. These entries may relate to taxation, student college loans, late mortgage payments or mistakes in credit card bills and take years to get to a situation that it seems irreversible.

We believe that there is a legal way of getting everything right and if your credit repairing processes are getting harm from it, it is best that we start from the core.

Our team of credit repair experts will help you find all of these discrepancies in your files, understand the mistakes you did and come up with quick and effective solutions that promise lasting results.

Provide Practical, Honest Credit Advice When You Need It.
Our clients are like a family to us, and we believe that it is essential to maintain mutual trust and our reputation that we provide practical and honest credit advice whenever you need it. This not only helps you understand your problems but also helps us as well by providing an opportunity to get in contact with unique situations every day.

This is why we offer a free consultancy appointment to everyone, no matter whether you already are our client or not. Feel free to click and follow the link to set an appointment, and we will make sure that all of your questions are answered.

It does not matter whether you decide to come on board with us and acquire our services or not, you can be sure that the solutions we provide and the advice we give will be of value to you.

We have been in the credit repair industry for a while now. Our primary goal is to help people with bad credit to come up with solutions that promise quick results, guarantee solutions that are goal oriented, and bring lasting results.

We have a team of learned credit help professionals and credit repair experts that are equipped with all the tools and knowledge to help you whenever you are in need of help. In addition, we are working closely with credit bureaus from around the country so stay attuned to all the legislation and updates regarding fixing credit for our clients.

Our company has developed an automated system to analyze and report most of the common credit rating problems within seconds. Then our team of experts also evaluates all reports and documents manually so that there is nothing left that is useable towards quick credit rating growth.

Being our clients, you can be sure that you have the best team of experts providing you the best credit repair services round the clock. Going beyond our contract commitments to over deliver never harms us, but if it helps our clients, so be it.

Help You Set Realistic, Reachable Credit Goals
We are proud to claim that we have successfully helped each of our clients reach their credit rating goals and even facilitated them in getting financial services from the top-rated financial institutions. This is in addition to the people we have helped by providing them free consultancy services.

The only reason that led us to reach this success ratio is that we believe in helping people achieve realistic goals rather than giving them false hopes. The only way to reach your credit goals is not by falsely guaranteeing moon and stars but setting small but visible goals and achieving small milestones, one-step at a time.

Successful and reliable credit repair takes time even with a comprehensive and workable strategy working in the background. Of course, some quick fixes and shortcuts temporarily bump up the score but as the famous quote goes; “there is no shortcut to success.”

Our credit repairing process has several steps, starting from evaluation and going all the way to success. Each step is then sub-segmented in smaller parts. This allows us to understand your credit issues down to the core and come up with solutions that are focused and to the point; after all, no one prefers to beat around the bushes!

For our credit help to work, we work closely with our clients because nothing can happen without your participation. We help you set goals that can be reached within a short time frame so that you see and feel the results as they roll in. We also keep track of your progress with regular evaluations and adjustments so that you do not lose sight of your goals or detract from the path and strategy we have taken.

Our credit repair expertise, knowledge and strategy coupled with your outright dedication and strong willingness to take action will boost your credit score within a reasonable amount of time.

We believe that you can accomplish anything, no matter how bad credit rating you have;

all you need to do is set your goals right and follow the right strategy.

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Reinforce Your Rights As An American Consumer
We believe that every citizen has equal rights no matter the race, religion or color. However, the sad part is that most of the Americans do not know what their rights and duties towards their nation are. We have encountered hundreds of clients who have been filing taxes since ages, never had a credit related issue but still are ranked as a member of bad credit society.

This is why we believe in filing a credit report dispute right when you know that your credit score is not what you have in mind. This happens a lot and isn’t unusual at all, but still very discouraging when you needed financial help. Our panel of taxation and legal professionals and experts will help you fix credit rating in no time.

We believe that being an American citizen and a regular taxpayer, it is your right to get all the financial help and credit without any hurdles and we are on a mission to make it possible for everyone.

Our company is working closely with hundreds of financial institutions, macro and micro finance banks and lending services. Therefore, we can proudly claim that being our client you can be sure that you are in the right hands.

After assessing your financial needs, evaluating your income and expenses and putting a credit repairing strategy into action, we can assist in initiating your communication with several financial institutions to get you the money you need.

In addition, we also guide you in getting your documents and payment plans right so that you have a substantiated financial plan in your hands before you approach a bank to fulfill your monetary needs.

Even if you don’t need any credit, it is always best to maintain a good record. Having an excellent credit score may not mean a lot to you at the moment, but it does open a lot of growth opportunities for you. And maybe you can use one of those opportunities to accomplish your and the Great American Dream of the people working with you.

Educate You So You Understand Your Credit Scores
One of the major reasons that lead to a bad credit score is not having the right understanding of how the score cards work. To most people and even financial experts, your credit rating entirely depends on how you take out a loan and pay it back. Taking a closer, it is just one aspect of all the elements that credit bureaus consider. We help you understand all of them.

We understand that if we really aim to help the people we care for, it is essential that they know the standards of the credit rating industry, what most financing companies look for and how you can arrange it all in a way that everything is easily visible.

In addition, we also educate our clients and help them understand the larger picture working behind all the credit repairs we undertake. This enables them to see the credit scoring scenario from an experts eye. This moreover allows them to realize the small bolts and nuts in the system, how each works and take concrete credit improving steps from there.

We have developed a systemized credit rating education system, available exclusively to our members. We sought professional help of some of the members on our panel of experts and insourced credit speakers, mentors and financial gurus to help us develop this exceptionally amazing content. The resources, tips, advice, informative videos, and articles in our education library are an ocean of knowledge and wisdom to our clients – Guaranteed!

Our passion for helping people discover the truth behind credit repairing processes and understand how we work creates a unique mix of dedication and honesty towards our clients.

We therefore not only invite but also insist our clients to utilize the provided resources to the fullest and learn how to manage and protect their credit future.

Educate You So You Understand Your Credit Scores
Our vision of credit repair is to help your bad credit rating to go away and enable you to maintain an excellent credit score over coming years. To achieve this goal, we equip you with the knowledge, provide you the resources, and give you the tool you need to stay on the excellent side.

Most of the products and tools that we provide are premium resources and are available to all of our clients. These tools are updated regularly and updates are shared with our clients as well so that you always have the best resources available to you.

Additionally, we have several live tools and apps that we share with our clients where they can see how their credit rating is growing over time. This allows our clients to understand what else they need to do, and how much time is required to get to an acceptable score.

Apart from digital resources, we also share an uncountable number of printable worksheets, guides, books and pamphlets with our clients enabling them to keep track of their progress over time. With these tools, you can make changes to the credit repair strategies you are undertaking to ensure optimum results even without professional help.

Once you are acquainted with the steps you have to take to repair your credit score, it becomes easy to maintain your credit score at the range you want it to stay. It is our passion to help you succeed. Our commitment to your credit score, therefore, is not limited to until you get the score you desire, but goes beyond that and our team of credit experts is prepared to go any distance to achieve it.

We have successfully helped hundreds of businesses come out of the financial crunch and progress towards growth; families discover the meaning of being financially capable once again and individuals understand the meaning of always having a good credit score. Our credit repairs service is open to everyone, no matter how bad the current score is, because we know we can make the seemingly impossible happen.

Moreover, with the tools and resources we provide, we are positive that you will not only be able to repair your credit score but will keep bad credit away forever.

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